Part Two: Healing Jealousy & Competition in the Collective Feminine


This is a huge topic for our times. The Feminine energies are the energies that create our reality. When they are held in patterns of fear, jealousy, & competition, we loose our way on all levels. 

In this weeks call/podcast we will continue our powerful conversation about the ways in which we can find the ultimate self-worth through our connection to the Spirit within our Heart. Competition & Jealousy arise from an illusion of the reality of Form. In this call we will talk about the ways to transcend the illusion and be present creatively within it at the same time!

© Shannon Port 2015

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Women's Power and Self-Worth with Shannon Port and Jaime Broderick

This Google Hangout with Art of the Feminine Founder Shannon Port and Network Now® Founder Jaime Broderick discusses the New Female Cycle, the gifts of the Masculine and Feminine Principles, the importance of Self-Worth and Personal Power, Woman as the first Teacher, and the Law of Divine Compensation. 

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