Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 16th, 2019 - HEALING THE COLLECTIVE FEMININE ENERGY ON EARTH




The Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 16th is calling forth a revelation of those things that have long been hidden in the undercurrents of the dark subconscious realms of the human psyche. There is a need to walk the labyrinth of the soul's underworld to make sense of the darkness that we not only carry, but project onto the screen of consciousness. As we collectively take this Initiation, the darker side of humanity will have no place to hide. It will be washed out onto the open shore for all to see. This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn unites water, fire and earth; the unseen and the seen.

With Pluto conjunct the Full Moon in Capricorn at 24 degrees, the powerful energies reveal themselves as both shadow and light. The shadowy side of humanity is hungry for power; a power that is stolen from the innocent, the ignorant and the weak. There is a sinister craving and addiction to manipulating the soul energy of innocent beings to keep the collective consciousness in bondage in the carnal realms. It is only through the loss of our recognition of our true Identity as Divine Beings that this can occur.

The light side of our consciousness, also revealed at this lunar eclipse, is gaining momentum as the feminine side of reality in all souls is healing and birthing with the North Node in the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Pluto conjunct the eclipse is very significant as it is leading us up to a final confrontation of our use of power in January 2020, when Saturn and Pluto reach an exact conjunction in Capricorn. At this time, the Mother energy is awakening and drawing a new consciousness onto the planet. This Mother energy is a fierce frequency of Divine Love. We say fierce because the power of this Love has no opposite — it rules Creation.

Venus is conjunct the North Node in Cancer at 16 degrees, in an exact opposition to Saturn in Capricorn at 16 degrees. These two archetypes are both connected to the feminine energy. Saturn is the contractive force that anchors in the Spirit and Venus is the power and Divine Will of the human heart. Venus in her higher octave is able to turn the heart of the human race towards the Spirit so that we can draw our power from a much higher frequency source. Three times we see 16, including the day of the eclipse. 16 is The Tower; the archetype of fiery Mars. Mars is in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus, bringing some alchemical fire to earth.

This lunar eclipse is eclipsing our old wounds and replacing them with a New Paradigm of living on Earth. The old unchecked institutions that have ruled humanity are starting to dismantle. Their time is up. Capricorn and Saturn rule time. With both Pluto and Saturn retrograde, there is a slowing of the forces that have bound us, and a window of opportunity to re-write the program. Here the light is beginning to shine through the cracks in the Matrix of Time. A New World is being birthed as the Universal clock sounds the alarm and overrides the lower forces of ignorance and suffering. The polarities find harmony and love with each other as the ritual of healing is accomplished for all souls in the coming cycle.

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn!