LEO FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE Feb 10/11: The Law of Suggestion & Social Engineering

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Feb 10/11:

The Law of Suggestion & Social Engineering

With Shannon Port


We'll look at the powerful archetypal energies that are ruling this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo and discuss the the collective desire force and how it is being used to bring about chaos and discord in the world. At this crucial time, humanity is being asked to wake up and lift the veil of this manipulative and suggestive tool of the dark, and let the light in, so that we may have the wisdom and knowledge to act for the upliftment and healing of humanity.

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Beauty Lust & Illusion in the Material World

With Shannon Port


In this call we'll be looking at the relationship between Beauty, Lust and Illusion in the material world. Beauty is divine and has always held great power in our world. We're going to look at beauty and illusion from a metaphysical, spiritual and physical perspective and talk about the frequency of Divine Beauty as well as the illusion of inverted beauty. We'll be looking at temptation, seduction and the sensual appetites of the human being.
I'll be working with some of the Archetypes from the Sacred Tarot. This is a really powerful subject and I am looking forward to the discussion. Beauty is the power of the Goddess and now is the time to see beyond the illusions that have masked a great deception in our consciousness.

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The Goddess in Sexuality - Recording of LIVE Podcast



The Goddess in Sexuality

With Shannon Port

This is a very special hour devoted to the Magic & Mystery of the Goddess in human sexuality.

We discuss the beautiful ways in which we direct the Power of the Goddess Heart Flame in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Sexual Force. We also talk about the Healing Shakti Power that is accessed by the conscious focus of Divine Love in our relationships and the Inner Alchemy that takes place when we begin to see that we are truly the Infinite Flow of this Love here to manifest the Perfection of Life in all that we do.

© Shannon Port 2015

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Taurus Super Moon & Samhain: Transmuting the Shadow Self

Taurus Super Moon & Samhain: 

Transmuting the Shadow Self

Shannon Port of Art of the Feminine discusses the powerful shadow mirror represented in the Taurus Super Full Moon on October 27th, 2015, that is giving us an opportunity to transmute and regenerate old dead energies within ourself and the collective paradigm, and use them as raw power to project a new timeline into our Reality. Samhain is a celebration of the soul moving through the Dark to extract the precious Solar Force from within. The two events are connected and working together to merge the power of Spirit and Nature within the human being.


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The Secret Law of Bondage and Freedom

Art by Kinuko Y. Craft

Recording of podcast:

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ The Secret Law of Bondage and Freedom

With Shannon Port

 One of the most esoteric teachings tells us that the very same Force that creates bondage and suffering in the world is also the liberating power of the soul. It is up to each one of us to do our own Inner Work and self-healing to open our eyes to a new Perception of reality.

Our sexuality is one of the most basic expressions of this Force and most human beings have little to no idea how they are directing their own source of Strength to create either Bondage or Freedom. Most have no clue that their power is being used by a Dark force to keep the consciousness of humanity from awakening. 
In this call we'll be discussing the lost power of discernment and higher perception and discover the ways that we can deconstruct the barriers to our true Freedom. 
© Shannon Port 2015


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