The Full Moon at 29 degrees Libra on April 19th, 2019, is the second Full Moon in the sign of Libra this year; the first occurring at 0 degrees Libra, on March 20th, synchronized with the potent portal of the Aries Vernal Equinox. This Full Moon on April 19th is going to initiate and revolutionize relationships with the "Power of Self" married to the “Art of Love".

The auspicious alignment of the first Libra Full Moon was connected with the rebirth and regeneration of the soul through the Vernal Equinox. The second Full Moon in Libra falls on Good Friday and the Jewish Passover; another connection with archetypal death and rebirth. It also falls on the 19th; the day of the Sun and regeneration.

The two Full Moons in Libra this year fall on either side of the April 5th, Aries New Moon; the New Moon that signaled the birth of the Higher Self and the Solar Light into the mind of matter. The Aries New Moon births the Solar Consciousness in our being and the Libra Full Moons receive this consciousness through the mirror of the Other. All of this is pointing to a very important evolution of our relationship of the Self to the Other.

The Full Moon is a time to see our projections and how they have manifested in the material world. The most relevant and immediate way for us to understand the inner landscape of our subconscious Shadow is through the person in front of us. We literally become the other in relationship and they become the mirror of our subconscious mind. Nature has set it up so that we cannot exist without the other. In reality, we are them and they are us. This is the true reflection of the One Mind broken up into infinite particles.

This is not always the easiest thing to understand when our consciousness is asleep, but the archetypal magic of the Aries and Libra axis is initiating us into the deeper layers of the collective self, by highlighting the first and the last degree of the sign of Libra through the Full Moons, which will open the collective subconscious right up. This is clearly the full spectrum of the transmutation of relationships and our projections of the self onto the other. Until we master this perception we are locked out of Reality and all the gifts that come with knowing the truth. We can project the wound or we can project the risen Spirit, but we cannot serve two masters.


Uranus is the planet that brings spontaneous awakening and realizations. It is the planet of revolution and the Higher Mind. On an archetypal level, it is connected to the Mother letter, Aleph; the Life-Breath of Creation, also known as the quintessence of the Holy Spirit. Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus, is conjunct the Sun at 29 degrees Aries, and both are opposite the Full Moon. This brings a deep awakening and sheds even greater light on the shadow aspect of the collective mind, so that we can see more clearly the underlying truth. This is a very powerful conjunction/opposition to have when the Full Moon is happening at the 29th degree of Libra; a degree of great Initiation.

The message is that our relationships can either heal us and birth our divinity or they can sink us deeper into our Shadow. The good news is that we have the free will to choose which path to take; but we have to do the work that allows us to see the fruits of our past choices and patterns, so that they can be tasted and transmuted. Only as we are able to claim accountability of what is ours, can we escape what is not ours.

This is how we transmute relationships and make them a vehicle for Divine Love and Spirit. Only when we have done this work of the Aries and Libra axis, are we able to embody the healing energies of unconditional love. No longer will we feel threatened by the other, in any form. True Vision, the gift of Aries, is awakened in our mind, and we embody both, the strength and the “Power of Self" with the "Art of Love" of Libra and the sweet surrender that comes with relationships and the divine dance of Creation.

Wishing you love, joy and great healing in your revolutionary relationships at this Full Moon in Libra!