Light Body Yoga™: The Art & Science of the Body of Light


Light Body Yoga™: The Art & Science of the Body of Light

With Shannon Port

Please join me in January 2016 for a very special 7-week tele-course! 

Light Body Yoga is the Art & Science of the Body of Light. The Body of Light has long been known in the esoteric teachings to be the vehicle of our Ascension. This work is the true mystical avatar science of the Merkaba - the glorious body of eternal Life.

The 7-week tele-course is designed to create an experiential foundation for souls to purify the Mind, Heart and Will and activate the Seven Centers of power in the human being (chakras), so that the Soul & Spirit may pour light thought the auric field and raise the human consciousness to that of the Divine Soul.

This is a very powerful time on Earth for those souls who are working with the Sacred Fire of the Divine Mother's Heart. We are receiving new waves of potential, (Divine Light & Wisdom), from the Center of our galaxy. This transforming Light is working through our sun and mating with the earth and all beings connected with her. 

The alchemical sunlight fluid (quintessence), is filled with information for our planet and humanity. It is the Intelligence through which we receive the Holy Spirit of Life to raise our body and soul into its most perfect state of Being.

The Light of the Mother's Heart will find it's way to those who have prepared their vessel to receive the Luminous Glory of Creation. There are two things that we are asked to master before we are capable of holding the Higher Consciousness of the Ascended Host and Cosmic Christ Logos Power: 

We are required to balance the electromagnetic field by creating Harmony and Equilibrium in our Mind, Heart and Will, purifying our words, feelings and actions. We are then asked to enter into the state of Inner Peace that we may anchor the Divine Love on Earth. This mastery is then reflected into the world via our words and actions. Our emotional body and mental body begin to harmonize with each other and the third principle of Life can make it's home within our personality. 

This state of heart and mind allows for us to break through the barrier of space and time so that we can enter into a portal of consciousness that is resonant with our Source.

In this age, we are moving from an intellect/ego based learning to a Heart based learning. We are remembering the Heart's Wisdom and Knowledge so that we can remember how to feel from the true Nature of our Self and leave fear behind. 

Each one of us will be initiated into the Higher Mysteries of the Body of Light when we have reached a certain point in our inner alchemy. Light Body Yoga is a platform to connect to the seeds of power within the human auric field and experience the feeling of Divine Love & Harmony so that you may truly begin to prepare the way of your spiritual body to be integrated into the Heart and activate the dormant seed of Infinity within you. 


The course starts Friday, January 15th, 2015, 12pm EST and runs through Friday, February 26th, 2015. We will meet by phone for 90 minutes every week for lectures, meditations, and lots of discussion on the metaphysical and alchemical teachings of Body of Light. The course does not include asana practice. There will be reference to physical postures at times and use of some pranayama and mudra science. This is a Philo-Sophia based teaching that is meant transmit the sacred science through the Divine Word. 

Cost of course: 
$575. early registration by January 10th, 2015
$775. after early registration

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