The Battle Between the Light & Dark Forces on Earth

The Battle Between the Light & Dark Forces on Earth

By Shannon Port

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Learn how the Goddess energies of the heart and soul can navigate and reconcile the Light and the Dark Forces on Earth and within every human being. We will look at some of these controversial topics: the War on Love and Love Relationships, the Obsession with Youth, the Hidden Agendas of Government and the Elite, the Perversion of Sexuality, the Desecration of the Feminine, the Manipulation of the Masculine, the Addiction Matrix, Collective Mind Control, Extreme Poverty, Violence and Starvation on Earth.

I hope that this hour will move you to follow your heart and awaken to your most profound capabilities of self-healing and service in the world. The process of self-healing is the most creative process and is known as "The Great Art" in Alchemy. 


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