Healing Jealousy & Competition in the Collective Feminine with Shannon Port

Art by  Emily Balivet

The Divine Feminine Wisdom is emerging in the Collective Consciousness and the lower frequency bands of jealousy and competition are preparing to shift into Divine Love and Cooperation. Women have a huge role to play in the shift for many reasons that will be discussed in this podcast. 

© Shannon Port 2015

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The Secret Law of Bondage and Freedom

Art by Kinuko Y. Craft

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ The Secret Law of Bondage and Freedom

With Shannon Port

 One of the most esoteric teachings tells us that the very same Force that creates bondage and suffering in the world is also the liberating power of the soul. It is up to each one of us to do our own Inner Work and self-healing to open our eyes to a new Perception of reality.

Our sexuality is one of the most basic expressions of this Force and most human beings have little to no idea how they are directing their own source of Strength to create either Bondage or Freedom. Most have no clue that their power is being used by a Dark force to keep the consciousness of humanity from awakening. 
In this call we'll be discussing the lost power of discernment and higher perception and discover the ways that we can deconstruct the barriers to our true Freedom. 
© Shannon Port 2015


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Opening the Portal of Divine Love in Sexuality

Art by SphynxMuse 

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Opening the Portal of Divine Love 

With Shannon Port

The Heart is the portal of the Divine on Earth. Without an open Heart Center, we are held by the lower forces and energies of the third dimensional realm, cut off from the true bliss of Divine Love. The rush and the satisfaction that we get from our sexual experiences and fantasies cannot come close to the experience of running our sexual energies through our Hearts wisdom and power.

On this call we'll be discussing the Heart as a portal of Divine Love that can heal us sexually and spiritually. Our sexuality and our spirituality are inseparable. When we remember how to enter into the heart, our sexual energies are aligned with the power of the Divine Feminine and they become the greatest energy source that we have for creating on Earth and healing our World.


© Shannon Port 2015

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Healing in Love Relationships ~ Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

Artist ~ Alice Mason 

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Healing in Love Relationships 

with Shannon Port 

Our Love Relationships are a mirror of our deepest self. They show up because we attract them to heal not only ourself but the collective relationship and balance between the masculine and feminine polarities on Earth. This process transcends the sexes and has everything to do with the relationship between the Mind and the Heart. Within all Love Relationships the Mind and the Heart are dancing together and seeking to find a harmonious state of being so that the pure Spirit of Truth can be birthed in the relationship and elevate it to the level of Divine Love. 

This dance happens on many levels; the way we choose to engage in this healing process has an effect on every area of our Life. Nothing calls forth our wounds quicker than our Love Relationship. Our Love Relationships bring us face to face with all that we need to look at and heal in our life. In many ways they are the projection of both our Shadow and our Light. 

There is tremendous opportunity for growth and healing in any Love Relationship when there is true love and a willingness to sacrifice for one another and grow spiritually. This does not mean that we are meant to be victims or martyrs in love; it means that we are truly willing to see what we need to shift within ourself and willing to do the inner work that it takes to reach the state of Healing in Relationship. 

© Shannon Port 2015

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