The Magnificent Power of the Human Heart and Spirit

Art by Edward Robert Hughes

Art by Edward Robert Hughes

The Magnificent Power of the Human Heart and Spirit

By Shannon Port

It is important to remember that throughout history there have always been sacred souls who have chosen to believe and persevere against all odds when the forces of evil were upon them. We have examples of countless human souls in the darkest hours on this planet accessing the depths of the human heart's power and potential to prevail against the Dark. The Dark doesn't want us to remember such acts of courage and strength; they want us to believe that we have been incapacitated by some external world technology. 

The Human Spirit is more powerful than any technology or dark agenda. If you can remember who you are, you can access the pathway that is buried deep within you, to the Infinite within your own heart. 

Many people in the world today, feel they do not have access to this portal within, and many actually do not because they have lost their ability to feel Universal Love. It has atrophied with the replacement of the false pursuits of the external world. 

If you can gaze upon the sunrise in the morning and know that the power of the Sun can rise within you, just the same as it does in the sky, you will receive the beams of wisdom and truth that will guide you on your way and awaken a power far more fierce than mind control.  

We are here to do exactly this. We knew what we would be up against when we signed on to our mission. We can only be blocked and held up with dark implants and technology if we allow ourselves to think like a sleeping human who has no idea of the Spirit within them. Many are in this helpless situation, and they are counting on those who can feel with Intuitive Strength, to anchor and balance the rising frequencies on our planet. 

We are already doing this. Many souls on earth have much more power than they are currently accessing. That will be changing very soon. Those who know, Now, are already feeling the shift, and holding the vision of the most beautiful awakening for all Humanity. 

Remember that our internal states of consciousness are the higher astral blueprint for what we create in the external world. With the discipline of a warrior, and the love of a Mother, we can nurture the real emotions of the Goddess within our Being and create a reality that heals and honors all Life on Earth. 

With Great Love & Unshakable Faith,

Shannon Port 


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