The Unity of the Human Heart & Spirit: LIVE Podcast on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Artist Unknown 

Artist Unknown 

The Unity of the Human Heart & Spirit

With Shannon Port

Please join us LIVE on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016, 12pm EST for the new season of the Art of the Feminine podcast: ALCHEMY OF THE GODDESS. The topic this month:


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Beyond all of the differences that we are hearing about in human beings, there is something profound that unites all of us who find ourselves in human embodiment at this time. It is the unity of the Collective Human Heart.

It makes no difference who you are or what you believe or what star system you come from, there is a magic in the Human Heart & Spirit that we all share, and when activated it plugs us into the Source of Divine Love that will awaken us from our hypnotic trance.

We do better to work towards this than to try to correct all the differences that have been created to polarize our existence. The power is in unity and knowing that deep within, we are all connected through the power of Love.

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Seeing Beyond the Illusion of Form

Art by Lauri Blank

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Seeing Beyond the Illusion of Form

with Shannon Port

Through our fall in consciousness, we (the human race) adopted the belief that form is the source of our happiness and survival. We learned how to consume the outer to feel safe and whole. We got so lost in this belief that it soon took us over completely and the understanding of the inner world began to fade into a long lost memory. Our sexuality began to reflect this belief as well and we learned how to objectify each other to serve our own selfish desires. We began to project an image onto Eve, (the subconscious) that told us through her reflection that we were cut off from Spirit.

Form is here to reflect our wholeness and our state of union with our Higher Self. As we remember the truth of the connection to our Heart, the outer begins to morph into the reflection of our healed perception of Reality.

Tomorrow I'll be talking about the strong pull and the seduction of Form; the ways that we can shift our inner perception to restore the balance of the worlds of Spirit and Matter through the regenerated Eve; and how we can heal our sexual relationship to the world of Form.

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