One Woman, One Love

By Shannon Port

All women are one. There is only One Woman on the planet. Each time a woman has this realization she becomes powerful beyond her wildest dreams. The fears that have been the divisive illusions of the female experience fall away in the remembering of our Oneness. There is nothing to compete for. All women, young and old, are the embodiment of the Goddess. All are Love. Nothing that can be won by the ego's seduction is real. The real and incorruptible Light of Love is the only Reality and we are ALL this reality. Anything that is meant to be in our life will be there. Anything that leaves us is meant to leave. True Freedom comes from understanding that in every moment we are the Divine Essence. When we live in this awareness we attract what is real and what holds the highest divine reflection of our soul's light - we powerfully choose to be with those who honor us. This is the healing of Womankind - to know the truth of One Woman. When we free ourselves from the old divisive illusions we can truly work together and channel our Love to ignite the Heart of humankind. 

Shannon Port © 2013, One Woman One Love l Artist: Tamara Adams

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