The Aura of a Beautiful Woman

A woman's real beauty comes from the spirit of light within her. It is the spirit of Truth alive in a woman's heart that makes her radiance shine brightly in the world. Physical beauty has great power, and at the same time it has its limitations and its illusions. It can fool those who use only their five senses to discern the truth. A beautiful woman will attract the ego if her beauty is not accompanied by light.

In this coming era, all women who choose the path of Wisdom, Love and Truth will be beautiful beyond any kind of beauty we have seen before on the earth. A woman who learns to become the awakened embodiment of the Law of Love in the physical world will shine like the Sun. Her magnetic aura, filled with Wisdom and Light, will attract to herself all those who are ready to be uplifted and healed and to know the true meaning and power of Love.

When the Spirit of Light has come to live in a Woman, she will bless all those who come into contact with her aura -- the plants, the animals, the children and mankind. Woman will spread Love all over the world, and we will then understand the real meaning, of the word "Mother."