Changing the Moon Mirror in Woman

Woman, by her feminine nature, is a receiver of the Divine Light and Wisdom. When a Woman with a pure heart aligns her will with the Divine Will, she is able to draw to herself, through her magnetic center, the light of the Spirit. She then has the ability to create infinite beauty and light in the world of form. In other words, she is capable of spiritualizing Matter and opening the heart of Man. This is Woman's gift to the human race. It is Womankind whose work it is to bring the Divine Love into the world. Man holds the space for Wisdom and Light and Woman holds the space for Love. Man and Woman are two halves of ONE SOUL. Man represents the powers of the mind and Woman represents the powers of the heart and the subconscious mind. We are entering the Era of Love, and that is why it is Woman who will be elevated to activate the Divine Love and call forth the next race of Human Beings. 

In receiving the Wisdom and Love of the soul and spirit, and then reflecting it back into the world through her moon mirror, Woman will gift the people of the earth with the impulse to create from the heart. There will come a new understanding, a gnosis, that ALL things must be created upon the foundation of Love. As Woman mirrors to Man this profound Love, Mankind will mirror back the Love of Woman and evolve the race.

Currently, Womankind is operating under the influence of the lower male projection. Even in her spirituality, Woman is living out the male version of who she is supposed to be. Woman, representing the powers of the moon and the subconscious mind, reflects back into the world the beliefs she holds about her identity. This mirror creates the reality of the material world. Whoever controls the collective feminine psyche, controls the world -- for it is Woman's emanation that gives life and substance to all things. Woman holds the creative energy of the Mother, the source of Love and Life. Without the Woman, the male force would remain inert. 

Womankind has not yet realized her Destiny. She has fallen under a spell that blocked her from her essence and her potential to give and receive love in the Spirit. There is a deep and profound truth living within Woman. This truth holds the meaning of the nature of her sexuality, her word and her beauty. It is up to Woman to discover the real meaning of these things and to form a new image to mirror back into the world. It is TRUTH that is awaiting her silently, within her heart -- it is not to be found on the outside -- it is within the soul. 

When Woman comes to know herself, she will mirror such a Love to mankind that she will be irresistible to all life on the planet, including plants and animals. She will radiate a warmth and a Truth that nobody can deny. As Divine Love enters the world through the Woman, there will be a new creative dance between the Masculine and Feminine and we will come to understand that we are here to work together, in harmony and joy, to celebrate  and honor each other in Wisdom, Love and Truth, brining forth the Light, Love and Freedom of all Beings on earth.