The Power of the Awakened Human Being

The Power of the Awakened Human Being

By Shannon Port

2018 brings us into a period of deep reorganization of the elements and all forces are active. The pot is being stirred and we see the dark and light swirling in the alchemical dance of polarity integration. The waters of this soul storm can get pretty muddy at times and the forces are creating a magnitude of systems that are in need of our inner navigation skills.
Creativity is readily available to us with so much energy being stimulated from the unconscious realms. But we must remember that even creativity has a frequency. We can be magnetized creatively towards the light and wisdom of our higher intelligence or pulled towards a greater bondage to the illusion. The Awakened Human Being is always aware of the energy behind the mask of matter and chooses according to his or her own divine blueprint what to accept and what to interface with.
The key is being able to discern the manipulative forces and to disarm them with our inner vision. 
Much of what we are seeing in the world of entertainment and social media is a pull towards the lower frequency of materialism and addiction and a constant stimulation of the carnal desire force. Many things are masquerading as spiritual and creative when they are not really aligned with the true depth and substance of love. The soul longs to create, always. In its journey to express itself it can be seduced by the images of the animal appetites and lose conscious contact with inner truth and love. We see this happening in many of the dazzling images that are mirrored to us thousands of times per day, void of substance and connection to wisdom.  
Love is the only creative power. We become what we love and what we focus on – be it the light or dark. Desire is the magnetic force of the Goddess. Much of what we attach to energetically with our desires gives us an initial high or boost of energy, but then it pulls us down into the real energy of where it sources from. This is why we see so much depression, anxiety, low self-worth, self-doubt, and relationship discord. Many have lost touch with the things and experiences that have their foundation in the nurturing depths of truth and real power.
It is important to know that as we wake up and become in touch with our greater powers of discernment and vision, we are targeted energetically, which can test us to the core. 
The dark automatically seeks the light. The greater light we awaken the more we disturb the current plan of the inverted image of the soul. This makes us a magnet to interference. No worries - this can make us stronger and more powerful when we learn how to transmute and reverse the attacks and use their force for creativity. It must be said that this takes discipline and the Divine Will of the Soul. The Soul is like the ocean and has so much power. It can rise up to meet its Spirit and pull anything negative into its creative power to be regenerated and recycled for the Will-to-Good.  
Everything has a frequency. All substance and all matter is imprinted with a signature of its creative source and intention. 

There is a plan in play at this time to appeal to humanity with distorted ideas of creativity and sexuality. These distorted vibrations plant the seeds of vanity, narcissism and extreme pain and suffering in the heart. They lead to emptiness, isolation, inner chaos and the need to medicate. They attack real love connections and replace them with empty, shallow desires that lead to the breakdown of the heart. This can catch even an awakened soul off guard. Vigilance is required with every breath. 
There is a deliberate scrambling of the intelligent emotional streams of the soul. This is being done in a multitude of ways, including through technologies both known and unknown to us. Truth is being mixed with lies. In this way, the dark is able to hook good souls by pretending to base their agenda in heart values. Most of this is coming through ideas about creativity, beauty, gender, sexuality, and political activism.  Learn to discern the frequency of everything. The world of form is an illusion and much of what looks beautiful is sourced from a limiting pattern of bondage. This is truly a game and love and wisdom (which together equal power) are the only spiritual weapons we need to master our creative force and live in our sovereignty. As we live our sovereignty, we can better unify.
 The ability to discern the elements and images is one of the greatest powers of the awakened human being. 

At this time in history, it is a privilege and a responsibility to be awake and aware. Most of humanity is under the spell of a system that operates on deception and manipulation. As free will beings, we always have a choice on how to use our power. But at one time or another we are weak and sell out our power to those who would direct it for the use of negative control and degeneration.
Now is the time to truly embrace sovereignty and creativity. We are of the highest value to the awakening consciousness of humanity when we are aligned with the depths of our creative power.
This era is about claiming that power and directing it by the original Divine Template of the Soul and Spirit. When we claim our creative power, we become humbled and all the gifts of the Universe bow to us.
Taking note of these values and skills may be extremely helpful to navigate the coming alchemy on Planet Earth in 2018: 

Intuition: The ability to stay connected to the heart and feel the truth in all situations. The guidance of our own inner Presence. The one and only God-force within us. Leads us when we learn to trust with unshakable faith. The highest navigational power of Love.

Sovereignty: The understanding of our right to exist and our right to grow and learn in whatever way we desire without deliberately hurting or controlling others. The understanding that we each have supreme power to direct our own lives in accordance with the divine template of our soul. The understanding that all souls are sovereign beings. 
Beauty: To seek beauty in all that we do. This includes sexual beauty and purity. To align with harmony and to create that which elevates and uplifts the soul. To understand the give and take in life which creates harmonious balance in relationships. To know beauty, to feel beauty and to be beauty. Beauty in this world can be deceptive. True beauty radiates from within and joins the inner and the outer worlds. Beauty can take the form of emotions. The whole range of existence is beautiful when we know who we are.
Magnetism: To manifest what we desire by leaning to magnetize the elements to us through the power of our creative imagination. This cancels out all fear of lack. We are all creators and have the divine right to magnetize the elements for our creative works. When we understand and know our true creative power, we are far less open to manipulation, control or fear tactics. We can magnetize all that we need, now, in this moment through our creative imagination.
Vision: The ability of the divine dreamer to create what we see with our inner vision. To see the truth in all things. To create the truth as we go. To see the frequency in matter and reorganize it with our higher perception.
Intuitive Relationships: To place a high value on those relationships that we magnetize knowing that God/Goddess expresses Herself by mirroring with Herself. Relationships are the platform for learning, growing, loving and creating and developing our Intuition. They are sacred. If we are in challenging relationships all we need to do is see the lessons, embrace them and transmute them. The Universe will always bring us to the mirror that is most helpful to us now. There is a high alchemy that can and will take place in a Sacred Relationship when we are ready and prepared to do the alchemical work of merging in the heart.

The Word: The living expression of our God-Self. To use this power with complete wisdom and integrity is the highest creative expression of God/Goddess on Earth. It is the Sun of Life.
These are just a few of the traits and values of the Awakened Human Being. Meditate on them and choose those that resonate with you the most at this time. Intuition will open the way for all good. It is the highest power we can awaken.
With Creative Power, Intuition & Joy!
Shannon Port

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