Art of the Feminine

Woman is about to discover just how powerful she is. In this coming age woman will reclaim her ability to create from the most dynamic space of her being - the womb of her heart. When woman enters her sacred heart space once again she will have unlimited capacity to create good in the world and she will call forth a new race of spiritual human beings. She will anchor in a new fertility consciousness for the human race. 

This site is about the Art of the Feminine and the Divine Feminine Wisdom that all women hold within their bodies, minds and hearts. 

In the years ahead, women all over the world will unite and awaken like never before seen on this earth. Together they will sing and dance the song of creation and bring healing love and light to the hearts and minds of children all over the world. 

Woman is returning to her naturally receptive state where she will listen and receive once again, the resonant voice of the Cosmic Mother of all Life.