Power of Emotions

Our emotions are the most powerful tool we have for creating. They can indeed create negative situations in our lives or they can bring love and peace to our lives and to the earth.

 The secret to mastering our emotions is in the neutralizing of the Body of Pain - the mastery of the fire triangle. The Body of Pain holds within it all of our negative patterns and addictions as well as our karmic baggage and darkness. All human beings have a Body of Pain  and have to embark on self-healing through the process of "knowing thyself" in order to be liberated from the bondage of this Wound. All of our unconscious, emotional re-actions come from our Body of Pain. It is an entity that feeds on more pain. When it is active it draws more pain and suffering to itself.
The Body of Pain can be triggered by any experience that awakens an old wound that has been left unresolved and unhealed. Therefore, it is so important that we practice the art of forgiveness daily in our lives. Forgiveness brings closure and healing to the negative experiences that we have had and it then neutralizes the experience rendering it dormant so that it no longer needs to mirror the same situation in the future.
The way to heal and neutralize these powerful negative energies is to go through the heart and heal them with the power of Wisdom and Love. Wisdom manifests itself in our thoughts, words and actions. Therefore, it is imperative that we place our thoughts and words and actions in the hands of wisdom and love. When love is married to Wisdom we can truly be centered in the heart and live in the highest discernment of our Body of Light -- which is the manifestation of our awakened heart.
When we shift our thoughts, words and actions into the conscious light of wisdom and love and act from our heart, the Body of Light begins to take over our life and draw to us the most positive situations and experiences that lead us to the alter of our Highest Destiny. The Body of Light is our inheritance as we heal and master the lower emotions and rise to the heights of creating through the heart. The Body of Light is our Truth shining forth on the earth. It causes us to shine like the Sun!