Woman Mirrors Love

Woman has the potential to raise the frequency of her love relationship by mirroring Truth. When a woman takes up a spiritual practice and commits herself to evolving her own consciousness she is then able to mirror that truth back to her partner and have a huge impact on him. 

There is no way to change another human being. To try to change someone by forcing your own opinion on them is futile. If a woman wishes to bring her love relationship to a new level of love she must commit to working on herself and then stand in the center of her own Being and shine the truth back onto her partner. This is done silently and with humility. A man will follow a woman who is in her power.

Woman is the savior of man and of the human race because she has easier access to her heart and can mirror the power of love to man and bring him into his own heart.

The future of the human race depends on Woman.