Woman is the Heart

At this time we are experiencing a shift in the poles of consciousness on the earth. The Internal Feminine is awakening in both men and women alike. Woman is the leader in this great shift because woman is the embodiment of the Cosmic Heart. Woman, through her body, has access to an infinite well of pure love and creative power and can teach the human race how to return to a state of love, allowing and receptivity. 

Woman is the heart -- she is the flower of life in all of its glory, fragrance and light. Woman can attract love to herself and create great good in the world when she remembers how to love herself. When woman commits herself to the path of self-healing she will become unstoppable in her efforts to heal the planet. Woman is strong - she is much stronger than she knows. The truth is that women are stronger than men. As woman becomes aware of her gifts and her power to love she will rise to a new consciousness and lead the human race into the new world.

This shift is happening now. It is happening in a kind of sweeping silence in the hearts of women all over the world. The Feminine Truth works in silence. She works to manipulate the forces of nature and bring about evolution of heart and mind. When we feel Her presence within us, we are inspired to do great works in the world. She teaches us of our true Identity - she shows us the Light.