Woman: The Source of Love in the World

Woman is the source of Love in the physical world. Without her, there can be no life and no joy on the earth. Woman has been lost and kept down in a false projection of herself for the past cycle of evolution. The only way for the projection to be changed is for Woman to change it herself. It is Womankind who is destined to shift within her collective consciousness and rediscover the Power of Love that lives within her body and soul. 

This coming era is the era of the New Eve. The shift is already beginning to happen all over the world as women connect with each other to share their stories of love and celebrate their lives. The real shift, however, will take place within each individual feminine heart, in silence, as each woman herself is ready to awaken the Divine Love within her and sacrifice the old ways of seeing the world. The Divine Mother works in silence and when she does, Truth is born -- Eternal Truth. It is when Truth sweeps over a woman, who has the pure intention of serving at the alter of Love, that the shift happens and a Force of Love so powerful rises up within her aura. This Force of Love gives woman the power to heal at great lengths with her thoughts and her word. It is an indescribable power that will do great good and bring peace to the world as it is received. 

God works forcefully through woman, for she is the symbol of Matter and the opposite pole to Spirit. Therefore, Spirit is able to enter a Woman and fertilize her Being with Spiritual and Divine Light. This is one of the Great Feminine Mysteries that will be unveiled in the coming age. Woman is the Heart of the world and she has so much Love to shine on Nature and the Human Race.