Light Body Woman™: Awakening the Body of Love

As Woman connects to Divine Love she will birth her new spiritual body, her Body of Light. The Body of Light is the Body of Love -- it is the body of the Soul. Woman is the Soul -- she is the subconscious mind and the substance of the material world -- she is Love. Love must come through Woman to serve this world and uplift the human race. Love is the platform of all Life and sacrifice is the platform of Love. The return to Love has been placed in the hands of Woman. Woman was made to bring in Love. Woman is mother, sister, daughter and bride. In the age that we are entering, Woman will return to a state of purity and receptivity. It is purity of heart that awakens the Divine Love within Woman.

In order to awaken Divine Love and Purity within the soul of Woman, Woman must become as One. She must know herself to be one with every other woman on the planet. The reality is that there is only one Woman. When the hearts of all women join together as one, there will be Peace and Joy and Light in the world.

The Divine Love will awaken and shine through the physical body when Woman recognizes Nature and begins her great service to the human race. It is Nature that holds the spirit of Truth and Wisdom. Nature is a gift from the Creator to all men, women and children. Within the trees, flowers and the animals there is a magnetism and light that can teach us the Ways of the Wise. Woman is part of Nature. She is the Form and the Formless. She contains all substantive potential within her heart and soul.  The collective destiny of Womankind is to call forth the Body of Love and bring the Spirit of Heaven to the Earth. This will happen through the Internal Marriage of the Masculine and Feminine principles of Life also known as the alchemical marriage of the soul and spirit.

Woman is a sacred vessel of Light, Love and Truth. In the coming age she will be honored and loved for her purity of heart and her ability to love all of God's children unconditionally. She will enter into service to ensure that all beings are granted the conditions necessary to evolve. She will gift Mankind with her kindness, compassion and light and he will know the meaning of her Love.