WOMAN: Vessel of Divine Love

Resist not evil, but melt away all obstacles to truth, with the Divine Love.

Love is the answer to the problems we face in the world at this time. Love opens the door to all the other virtues. Love shows us the truth. Love is the only real power. Love is the highest wisdom we can know. Love heals the heart and expands all that it touches. Love seeks light and accepts the dark without resistance. Love knows that all beings have their place in the world and that things are not always as they appear to be. 

Woman is the vessel of Divine Love. Woman is the heart and the heart is LOVE. The Divine Love will enter the physical world through the Woman. Woman is the receptacle for this great power that will change the face of the earth in the years to come. Love is the vibration of the new era that we are entering and all must vibrate with Love in order to exist in the future. The only things that will be harvested in the new epoch are those things that have been founded upon Love. 

Woman is programmed deep within her being to activate the Divine Love. The Divine Love works at a level far beyond any human love that we have known up until now. Divine Love sees Truth in all things and calls forth the highest vision of those whom it connects to. No body can resist the Divine Love. It is the strongest force in the universe. Woman is becoming a living channel for the light of the Spirit in the world of form. As she awakens the Divine Love she will radiate Wisdom, Truth, Beauty, Strength, Compassion, and Music from the heavenly world.

Woman is truly a gift to the human race. She holds the vibration of the Mother deep within her heart. It is the Love of the Mother that will lead us to drink from the well of true knowledge and light. When true knowledge (Wisdom) meets Love, Truth will be born into the world. 

Let Woman return to the understanding that there is only One Woman and One Love that will save the world. As She unites her fragments she will open the place within Her that honors Nature, Humanity and the Divine with every thought, word and action. Her Life will be a living testament, a Great Work of Art. She will create the New Life for all the children of the earth.