Face-to-Face with a Woman of Light

By Shannon Port

When the Dark comes face-to-face with a Woman who fully embodies the Feminine Heart Light - it cannot stand up to her, it melts away. There is a reason that women have been distracted from their Inner Light and Love - the world could never exist in the state of greed and war it is in now if Woman was in her Power. Her Power is in the Knowing and Understanding (Gnosis) of who she really is - on every level - physically, emotionally and spiritually. It doesn't consist of a male-like dominance, force or bitter tongue; it is in the simple Knowing of the Truth. This deep Knowing makes Woman's thoughts, words and actions the vehicle of the Light, and this Light shines a Mirror back onto the Dark that it cannot withstand.

Shannon Port © 2012 l Artist: Nicole Cadet

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