The Coming of a New Era

By Shannon Port

Beloved Sisters of the World, come gather round and know that each of us holds a special gift within our Heart. Every Woman who desires to be a part of this Shift we are now in has an important role to play. We are entering a New Era.

The time has come for Woman to lead with Love. All women hold the vibration of the Cosmic Mother within their Being. Now it is She, whose Presence will come to the forefront to balance the Earth and reconcile the ways of the Ancient and Primordial Laws with our current Consciousness.

We are harmonizing the Dream World with the Waking World; the Subconscious with the Conscious -- all who are aligned with the energies of Love and Peace will be given support to serve those around them. If you are feeling a call from deep within, it is your time to have a voice that stems from real power - the power of the Heart - rather than the illusion of the Ego. There is a silent, divine impulse, that will guide each of us to our Work.

Let us move together in Peace, Love and Unity. We know what is happening and we bow to this silent knowing which will give us the strength to see beyond the current chaos.

Now is the time to harmonize the Inner Spirit, that exists in all of us, with the Great Cosmic Spirit. The way to do this is through the Moon, the Woman, and the Heart.

The people of the Earth have been birthed through our bodies and souls. We are Mother to All. All are our beloved children.


 Shannon Port © 2012,  l Artist: "Shawnee Women" by Ruth Blalock Jones