The Reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine: Part l

By Shannon Port

Woman is the Heart and the Heart is the Woman within all of Us. All Human Beings have a Heart and all Human Beings have an Internal Feminine. When we speak of the Woman, we are speaking of the Heart -- both in poetry and in metaphysics. We are moving into a new understanding of Womankind as being the physical representation of the Heart and it's spiritual function. The Woman is going to play a special role in the awakening of Human Consciousness. She is being activated through her Heart at this time due to her resonant emotional nature with the Heart itself. Men on the planet are deeply affected by this awakening that is taking place in a special way in women. They are as much a part of it as women are. It is calling out a new frequency in Mankind. It is taking us ALL to a Higher Octave of Creation. Many men who are in touch with their Heart and their Internal Feminine are feeling the shift equally with womankind.

 During the past cycle of creation the Woman was kept from realizing her true power. Now she is remembering who she is; she is becoming aware of her spiritual connection with the Mother of all Life; she is calling to all those she birthed through her body and soul and asking them to return to the place of ONENESS in their own Heart. We are all the WOMAN, because we are all the polarity to the SPIRIT. Woman is now calling the Soul to be Whole again and to return to its pristine nature.

 The Human Soul was split into two parts -- the Male and the Female. Although we all retained a part of the other half within ourself, there is a functional part of the soul that is connected with the the body that we have. We are only now, collectively, beginning to think about the possibility of our body as a real vehicle for our Spirit. Depending on the body we have in this lifetime, we are linked with certain functions that operate on the different levels of creation. The polarity of our physical vehicle calls forth the spiritual counterpart and activates certain gifts that are meant for the evolution of the Human Race and the Divine Marriage of Spirit and Matter. Ultimately we will all work together because the only way to Wholeness is to find the reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine within and without. We are two halves of the same Being. We love each other deeply as One Soul. 

Shannon Port © 2012 l Artist Unknown

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