The Veil of Illusion

By Shannon Port

The Veil is thinning and many things that were once hidden from our consciousness are coming to light. This includes things that have been hiding in our dreams and in our subconscious mind. In order to be birthed into the New World we are being shown what has held us down and kept us in bondage in the lower vibration. The Truth is making itself known. In many cases this means seeing the futility of materialism and things like violence and war and the misuse of our sexuality. All of this is preparing us to become the Creators that we were born to be.

 The source of our creativity is our Sexual Energy and our Heart. We have been misguided in our creations and have relied upon the Ego for survival rather that living in the Limitless Substance of the Heart. We are creators and all that we need for this life can be created with the exhaustless riches of the Heart. As we remember how to do this the Earth and our Human Culture are going to change in beautiful ways.

 As the Veil grows thinner and our demons and nightmares try to shock us, we can be gentle with ourselves and use this time as an opportunity to connect with those things which bring us into our Heart. The nightmares have no power over us. They are simply helping us to love ourselves deeper. They are asking us to SEE AND FEEL what really matters. We can release them as we embrace ALL of ourself and offer forgiveness and gratitude to all who have played a role in our awakening. We have all been the sinner as well as the saint. Now we are integrating the Angel and the Demon back into one Being of Light.

 Shannon Port © 2012 l Artist: "Veil of Illusion" by Marcia Snedecor

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