Awakening the Feminine Force

By Shannon Port

Within every Man there is a receptive Feminine Heart and within every Woman there is an active Feminine Force. Man is now preparing to awaken his Receptivity and Woman is activating the Power of her Divine Will. What was once suppressed in the collective Woman will be liberated and what was once lost to Man will be found again. The Divine Will is accessed through a Receptiveness to the Creative Power of the Heart. The Feminine Force is the Creative Power of Life Itself and it operates on many levels of Creation.

 In the previous Male Cycle we believed that projecting our thoughts, desires and fears was the way to achieve the things we wanted. We believed that we are all separate from each other - each man for himself. The Male Principle has been the active force on the planet and the Feminine Principle has been playing a subservient role to the Fallen Will. The Male Principle has been working through the lower Egoic Mind rather than the Divine Mind. This caused a consciousness of Fear to take over within us and we lost our connection to Unity Consciousness.

 This is all changing as we pass through the Portal into the New Consciousness of the next cycle. The Female is becoming the active force on the Planet. She is going to have her turn leading the Human Race. This is all part of the Law of Cycles. This awakening is not about power in the old sense of the word - it is about aligning with the Divine Will and the Divine Plan for the Evolution of the Earth and the Human Race. It is the Heart's turn to lead. Woman, being the physical representation of the Heart is naturally feeling the resonance of the Shift in a very big way as we enter the Female Cycle.

 This Shift involves a reconciliation of the Feminine and Masculine Principles, within and without. This could also be seen as a reconciliation between the Man and the Woman. Man and Woman are equal. They are two parts of one Soul. Each has a function based on their physical and spiritual bodies. When we think of the mind we are usually thinking of the Egoic Mind - but there is a Divine Mind. That Mind has been lost to Man. Only through the Heart can he reunite with the Divine Mind which links him to his Higher Self and to the Source of Light and Life.

 Woman has a special role to play in guiding Mankind back into his Heart. Woman will initiate this journey within herself first, and then within the Man. We will enter into a period of balancing the energies on Earth as they have been off balance for a very long time. This will require that we work together and in Love. The Feminine Principle is very powerful in the World of Form and as it awakens it will usher in a Divine Love that will uplift the Human Race as a Mother would love and uplift her Child.

 Shannon Port © 2012, Awakening the Feminine Force l Artist Unknown

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