Seeing from our Center in Relationships

By Shannon Port

There is only one place where we can access true understanding and vision when it comes to love and partnership and that is from the center of our own Being. 

When we are steeped in the center of our creative light, fulfilling our soul's contract for this lifetime, we can see the truth of our relationships much more easily. The center is a very specific place and it takes some experimenting with to find it. When your work becomes easy and it flows like a river you will know that you are there.

While we remain lost outside of our center, we are dazzled and mislead by outter circumstances and taken for a ride that never leads to the truth. We repeat mistakes and attract the same thing over and over again until we commit to going to the place of our most highly creative Self. We get really stuck in blaming others for our unhappiness.

Next time you feel that you know the truth about another, ask yourself if you are truly seeing from your own center. If you are not opperating from that place, chances are you are not really seeing or understanding anything other than an illusion created by your own yearning to be in your heart's truth. 

Go to your center to do your work first, and then look to another for that mirror. You'll know that you are there when every choice is simple and non-judgemental. Things get really clear.