The Inner Work

By Shannon Port

The real work is the inner work. We can look to spirituality for our entire lives but if we are unwilling to do the inner work, the work on the personality, we will not step out of the bondage of our own patterns.

For so many right now, big things are coming up -- big things that force us to see where we harbor denial. The underbelly of the feminine is hiding things deep within the subcoscious mind. When we hide our patterns from our conscious awarenss they continue to rule our lives even if we are meditating 12 hours a day. Denial is the biggest theif when it comes to enlightenment. 

We need to look where we don't want to look. We are forced to see with eyes and heart wide open where we don't want to do the work that is hard. Where do we sell out to our own path and then deny it like crazy? What addictions are keeping us in the "story" of our untrue truth. Whether its and unconscious addiciton or lack of integrity in our treatment of others -- we have to look to ourselves to understand what is happening on the outside.

There are many New Age beliefs stating to just play and have fun and all will be alright. If only that were true. Play usually brings out our patterns in the name of truth. Real play comes as it is earned. Of course we must play to know who we really are, and then when we fall, be more than willing to take a good look and remove the blocks to the real.

The work of Sacred Union is coming up in the mainstream consciousness now. If there ever was a practice that starts with inner work it is Sacred Union. It is not possible to merge with another without agreeing to see our own darkness. Everything that is hidden will come out in Sacred Union. The work is far greater than the bliss in the beginning. If you experience it differently it is probaly not Sacred Union you are engaged in. More on this later. 

Do the inner work and do it with great love, compassion and humility. Look within and be brave. Be very brave.