Witnessing the Waxing and Waning of the Physical World

In the physical world, things can change on a dime -- and they do! Even the best relationships can experience upsetting energetic shifts that appear to come from nowhere and that can seriously upset the balance and harmony of human love if we allow them to.

In order to face the ever waxing and waning energies of the physical world of form, we must keep a foothold in the formless reality of Spirit. This reality is the One Reality that never changes and that stands as the Witness to all that takes place in the world of matter. Our true Identity exists in this reality. In order to respond positively to the world of Form we must remain anchored in the world of Spirit.

To be in Spirit is to be at the center of the Sphere of Love -- that is where our Power is.  When we act from this space, our understanding of Reality grows and expands into the Divine Wisdom and becomes one with the Creative Principle that governs all Life. This is the place of our highest creativity and Love. This is the space that takes our Love from Human to Spiritual and eventually to Divine Love. 

Woman can find this space through her deep intuitive and receptive nature. This space is the Heart and it beats steadily as the world waxes and wanes. It is the Infinite Presence of Love.