Duality in Love Relationships

By Shannon Port

There is a lot of interest in spiritual love relationships at this time. Many are writing about twin flames and soulmates. Everyone seems to be searching for love. We are living in very intense times and the idea of having the perfect partner to love us is attractive.

If only love were as free as we imagine it to be. Being with ourself is hard enough. Add someone else to the equation we only increase the work that is asked of us by life. Love between two people, when it is real and divine, is the most powerful force in the universe. This force is not free. It comes with great sacrifice. ALL love is married to sacrifice. This is the metaphysical meaning of love. Love and Sacrifice are one in the same.

When we truly love someone we are willing to sacrifice on a level which most humans have never even contemplated before.This is a deep inner, transformative sacrifice that changes every cell of our being. That is why our lessons in love are so steep and so enforced by the karmic laws of nature. Nature is trying to teach us what Love is.

Our idea of love has included the idea of getting something from the other. We look around and see who has the most to "give" to us. Karma loves when we do this because it opens the gate for our lessons to come pouring in.

A very wise man once told me to never consider parnership with a person unless I was willing to suffer and sacrifice for that person -- to give something of my own up.   

In this world where most people are looking for free love without attachments or sacrifice, there is no possibillty of the soulmate relationship arriving. The vibration of soulmate love is far too high for our consciousness of "taking." Until we have paid our dues, the ulitmate love will not knock on our door because we would be nowhere near ready to face the sacrifices that this Love is going to ask of us. 

The only Love that leads us home is Divine Love. We can kick and scream and run from it, creating all kinds of romantic love relationships and weaving all kinds of stories about why love is suposed to be free and easy, but love will have its way with us until we open our eyes and our hearts and listen to what our lessons are telling us.