Unveiling the Soul of the World

By Shannon Port

The Earth is showing us who we are when we open our hearts to her and spend time in her Presence. We are the Divine Feminine - all of us. When we observe a flock of birds lift off from a tree; when we feel the power of the ocean waves; when we look into the eyes of a herd of deer; we are seeing our own soul - the Divine Feminine - the Soul of the World. All of us, both man and woman, are the expression of the Beloved Creator. We are the manifest, limitless light of Source. We are the subconscious mind of God - the Dream. Each of us is a center of expression for the Divine Will to work through.

The connection to our soul and the Soul of the World is found in the reflection of Spirit in Nature. She is waiting patiently for us to see Her. She is calling to us - singing to us - the only thing needed is an open heart and trust. She will teach us how to uncover the hidden forces that are buried in our own subconscious mind; in our Heart. When we see and feel the truth in her, we can't help but to live in alignment to the laws of Nature. Only in doing so will we know harmony.

Everything in Nature is pulsing with life-force. Even though she has been very misunderstood by the collective human race, she remains pure in her receptivity to Spirit. She is the feminine polarity to the Sun and when we reflect deeply on this, we can learn how to consciously receive the light of the Spirit in the same way she does to give birth to our eternal Body of Light.

Shannon Port © 2013, Unveiling the Soul of the World l Artist: Amanda Clark, earthangelsarts

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