The Frequency of Love

By Shannon Port

Everything in existence holds a vibration; a frequency; an energetic signature - this is the Law of Love. Nothing can give off a core signature that it is not. Every soul vibrates according to its own healing journey and its awareness of the whole. When we integrate our personality with our higher self we merge into the awareness of the Self and the Law of Love is fully activated within us.

There are many levels of consciousness at work on the planet. There are many soul groups who have come to clear different levels of blocks and negative patterns. One of the most important things we can do now to empower our healing journey is to learn how to discern the vibration of what we see, feel and hear. Two souls can speak the same language, but the energetic imprint of the message will come from the vibration of its source and attract its own kind. The heart and the ego hold two very different signatures. Both can attract, but only the awakened Heart will lead us to Inner Peace.

All images hold a vibration. This is very important to keep in mind. There are many goddess images floating around that are loaded with the imprinting of the lower energies. The images we take in and allow into our consciousness are informing our beliefs in a very powerful way. They work beneath the level of consciousness when we are not centered in awareness and discernment of the heart. Each of us has to consciously decide the vibration that is right for our own awakening. Our choices will always bring the next level of expansion for our soul. It is important for us not to judge another's journey but to stay true and awake to our own.

There is a new level of light and truth preparing to enter the consciousness of our planet. This higher frequency will give us access to a whole new way of creating. At this time we are preparing our hearts to receive the pure light of the Spirit. It will enter where there is love, wisdom, compassion, humility, and a willingness to serve all beings. As we receive this light, a Child will be born within our heart and a New World of possibility will open up before us.

Shannon Port © 2013, The Frequency of Love l Artist: Wang Yi Guang

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