Shifting the Illusion of Age and Beauty

By Shannon Port l Artist: "Timeless Keepers" by Autumn Skye

A profound inner shift occurs when a woman realizes that she is much more than her physical body. Because woman is so connected to creation and matter, she must break through in her own subconscious understanding to the essence of her true Identity. This is nothing short of divine liberation. The real creation starts when the walls obscuring the truth come down. The body fades very fast. Youth and physical beauty - the way the world perceives it - last but a split second; to base our self-worth on something that is changing so fast is an illusion that will keep us running after an illusion. We have all been the most beautiful and we have all been the forgotten. It is the nature of the soul to experience every possible reality. All possibilities are meant to awaken our inner knowing of our Spirit. Once we know our Spirit we can transcend any false reality and play on the level of co-creator with the Universe. Herein lies our divinity and a beauty that transcends age and form. When we break through the illusion and discover our divine light we naturally become more beautiful in our physical body - this beauty vibrates with truth and divine love and is the seed of our eternal Body of Light. 

Shannon Port © 2013, Transforming the Illusion of Age and Beauty 

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