The Shift in the Female Sexual Paradigm

By Shannon Port

The Feminine Sexual Energy is the most potent force on the planet. Much has been misunderstood about woman's power to create - especially by the Collective Woman. When we fell into the lower consciousness the wisdom of our true power was hidden from us. The world we are living in is being run by the lower sexual energies. They have harnessed the energy of the Feminine and run it through the Fallen Will. Woman is in the process of remembering what she is capable of creating when she aligns with the Light of her Spirit and turns from the illusion that has been projected onto her.

The problems that we face as a Human Race will not be solved at the same level of consciousness they are operating on. We must go to the higher vibration within ourselves to remember what this Feminine Sexual Energy is all about and how we can awaken it wisely. This energy will be Received by the woman who has a deep and genuine Love for herself and for humanity. Only a pure Heart is capable of working with this Great Force of Love. It is the most powerful Force in the Universe.

The lower energies have taken such a hold of the collective male sexuality. Not every man is under their spell - but the collective male consciousness has been deeply affected by the presence of the Fallen Paradigm and the collective Feminine has a deep wound to heal as a result. This lower consciousness has been embedded on the Planet through the darker sexual outlets. Woman cannot ignore this. If she does she ends up operating within it and giving her energy to it at the subconscious level. At this time we need to access our Wisdom and work together - both Man and Woman. Fighting from the Ego will only create more of the same. Our Sexual Energy was never meant to be separated from Wisdom and Love - when it is it wreaks havoc on us.

Everything has a vibration - including our sexuality. It falls somewhere on the spectrum of light to dark. Freedom comes from UNDERSTANDING what kind of energy we are creating with our actions. The Shift in Sexual Consciousness will be initiated by the Woman. Woman can go within herself and seek the real Reflection of her Light and change the Mirror in the World. She can show Man a different image. This is the gift of the Feminine. The change won't come from trying to control the Fallen Paradigm - it is too strong at this time. The old energies will fall when the New Feminine Truth is shining out from Woman. As we see this start to happen we will have a deeper Understanding of what this energy is all about and how it can be used to heal our World.

Shannon Port © 2013, The Shift in the Female Sexual Paradigm l Artist Unknown, Original by Michael Whelan

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