SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON November 29th, 2016: The Alchemy of Truth & Justice

Sagittarius New Moon November 29th, 2016:

The Alchemy of Truth & Justice

With Shannon Port

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Watch Shannon Port LIVE on Black Friday for a special new moon podcast that will focus on the alchemy of Truth and Justice on Earth. We'll be discussing the archetypal energies that rule this Sagittarius New Moon cycle and looking at the illusions, deceptions and manipulations that have been put in place to keep humanity bound to the lower animal nature while remaining in the dark about the true power of the Soul. 

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Bringing Human Sexuality into the Light with Shannon Port

"My Body, My Temple" by  Autumn Skye Art  

"My Body, My Temple" by Autumn Skye Art 

The New Human Sexual Paradigm:

Bringing Human Sexuality into the Light

With Shannon Port

On this call we'll be looking at the reality behind the collective sexual energy on our planet. At this time we are facing a choice to wake up and connect to the Love and sophistication of our mind and body, when it is aligned with Self-Understanding and Wisdom. This Union brings the birth of our true Power.

In the collective social paradigm of humanity, as well as in the underbelly, the energy of sexuality has been split off from Wisdom and Love and used as a control mechanism to keep humanity enslaved to the lower desire nature that overrides intuition and expansion of consciousness.

We'll look at some of the ways we can move beyond the old sexual programing and use the Shakti Force to heal the body, enlighten the mind and regenerate the soul. When our sexuality is in the Light of Wisdom and Understanding, our relationships mirror Divine Love and become a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to dwell on the Earth.

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