Dance of the Masculine and Feminine

Within the Heart the Masculine and Feminine are One. They are two sides of One Being. In the Heart they Dance and Sing together making beautiful Music. We are all both Masculine and Feminine. As we move into the Age of the Heart we will remember that all the Energies of Creation are found within Us. The Whole of all Knowledge is alive inside our Heart. There is no external knowledge. All that we need is here Now. We are moving into a time when we will create through our Receptivity to the Ocean of Life. We will remember the Akashic Level of the Soul and draw all Divine Knowledge from this Sacred Level of Life. The Central Pillar on the Tree of Life is Awakening in the New Era. Man and Woman are Remembering how to work together as One Force of Love and Light.

 Shannon Port © 2012, Dance of the Masculine and Feminine l Artist: Tomasz Alen Kopera

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