Divine Tantra & Sexual Alchemy

Divine Tantra & Sexual Alchemy

With Shannon Port

LIVE PODCAST RECORDING: A powerful hour of discussion on the alchemy that is taking place on the planet, within the Christos Sophia, and within every human soul incarnated at this time. We will look at the Goddess energies that are present and helping us to awaken the higher energies of the Heart so that they may be in service of the regeneration of the true sexual force in humankind.


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Opening the Portal of Divine Love in Sexuality

Art by SphynxMuse 

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Opening the Portal of Divine Love 

With Shannon Port

The Heart is the portal of the Divine on Earth. Without an open Heart Center, we are held by the lower forces and energies of the third dimensional realm, cut off from the true bliss of Divine Love. The rush and the satisfaction that we get from our sexual experiences and fantasies cannot come close to the experience of running our sexual energies through our Hearts wisdom and power.

On this call we'll be discussing the Heart as a portal of Divine Love that can heal us sexually and spiritually. Our sexuality and our spirituality are inseparable. When we remember how to enter into the heart, our sexual energies are aligned with the power of the Divine Feminine and they become the greatest energy source that we have for creating on Earth and healing our World.


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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Healing Sexuality and the Collective Soul with Shannon Port

Artist ~ Eva Ruiz

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Healing Sexuality and the Collective Soul with Shannon Port 

This year there will be a new focus for the Art of the Feminine Podcast. It will take place once a month and the topics are going to be centered around The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Human Sexuality and Healing the Collective Soul. I am really excited about bringing this information to the calls on an even deeper level. The topics that will be presented have grown out of the intensive work that I've done over the past ten years working with clients from around the world on healing love relationships, sexual wounds, sexual addictions, and confusion about the power of our sexual energy and how it affects our lives as well as the collective state of the world. It is HUGE! All of the teachings are based on the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

This is the first call of the season! It is an introduction to the topic. 

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40 Episodes of the Divine Feminine Wisdom ~ with Shannon Port

Artist ~ Kinuko K. Craft 

40 Episodes of the Divine Feminine Wisdom ~

The newest episode: The Goddess Activation Codes ~ The Empress and the Holy Scepter

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- The Age of the Solar Feminine ~ Key 19, The Sun 
- Building the Spiritual Body of Light ~ Key 18, The Moon
- Lifting the Veil of Venus ~ Key 17, The Star
- The Awakening of the Human Race ~ Key 16, The Tower
- Healing the Sexual Paradigm of Humanity ~ Key 15, The Devil 
- The Inner Alchemy of Sacred Union ~ Key 14, Temperance
- The Art of Transformation ~ Key 13, Death & Rebirth
- The Power of Surrender ~ Key 12, The Hanged Man
- The Cosmic Law of Balance ~ Key 11, Justice 
- The Art of Manifestation ~ Key 10, The Wheel of Fortune
-Accessing the Inner Plane ~ Key 9, The Hermit
-Mastering the Desire-Force ~ Key 8, Strength
-The Power of the Word ~ Key 7, The Chariot 
-Sexual Discernment and Power ~ Key 6, The Lovers
-Awakening the Power of Intuition ~ Key 5, The Hierophant
-The Rebirth of the Divine Masculine ~ Key 4, The Emperor
-The Power of the Creative Imagination ~ Key 3, The Empress
-Liberating the Subconscious Mind ~ Key 2, The High Priestess
-The Power of Focus ~ Key 1, The Magician
-The 22 Archetypes of Human Consciousness, Key 0, The Fool
-Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part Two
-Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part One
-The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm
-Awakening the Feminine Force
-Healing the Global Sexual Crisis
-Unveiling the Mysteries of Womankind
-Healing the Sexual Wound of the Human Race
-Reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine 
-Understanding the Divine Feminine, Part Two
-Sexuality and the Auric Field
-Unlocking the Powers of the Threefold Soul Prism
-Light Body Yoga: The Science of the Body of Light
-The Art of Fertility: Awakening the Power of Conscious Creation
-Balancing the Solar and Lunar Forces
-The Three Levels of Sexuality: Human, Spiritual, and Divine
-The Alchemy of Divine Love
-Understanding the Divine Feminine, Part One
-Wisdom, Love and Sexuality
-Light Body Woman Teleconference: December 19th, 2012

Shannon Port © 2014

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The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm, Recording of Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Weekly Art of the Feminine Call with Shannon Port

May 29th, 2013: The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm

Our Planetary Sexuality is changing and women are a big part of this change. As women, one by one, remember their Self-Worth on every level, they will begin to connect to their original Feminine Creative Power ~ Shakti Force ~ and send out a healing wave that is capable of uplifting Humanity. This call addresses some of the ways that this change is taking place. We are born to work together and this is a very important piece to restoring balance to the collective Masculine and Feminine on Earth.

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Healing the Global Sexual Crisis, Recording of Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Weekly Art of the Feminine Call with Shannon Port

May 8th, 2013: Healing the Global Sexual Crisis

We have potent energy coming to Earth at this time to help us heal our Human Sexuality. Thursday, May 9th, we have a powerful New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the Divine Mother, Nature, Human Sexuality and Fertility. Taurus rules the throat, and Venus, its ruler, gives a Voice to sexuality and resonates with the Heart and the Feminine Principle. I'll be discussing the misuse of our planetary sexual energy and how we can heal the distortions with Wisdom, Love and Understanding and return to the original Divine Blueprint of the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter. 

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