Aligning Your Word with the Divine Will

In the first key to Light Body Word we bring our attention to our breath and consciously breath the light of the sun into our heart center. As we do this we are aligning with the Divine Will. To align with the Divine Will is to surrender the ego and allow the higher Wisdom to come through us as we speak. This is the most important step in communication - to allow the wisdom of the Word to be at work in us and through us. In truth, each of us is a center of expression for the Primal Will. To consciously align with this power gives our word increased strength of compassion, wisdom and love. It makes our Word highly creative for the good of the universe and all beings in it.

The Divine Will knows only Truth and it seeks and accepts the truth in all things. When we are aligned with the Divine Will we are aligned with Truth, Wisdom and Love. As we begin to practice the art of surrendering to the Divine Will, we will see a new reality unfold before us.

To align with the Divine Will by consciously breathing the light of the sun into our heart center before we speak the word is to call forth the highest potential in all those whom we communicate with. It will cause us to mirror the Love of the Life Power in all people and all situations.  All good will start to appear before us and all of our needs will begin to be met effortlessly. When there is discord or challenge before us we will have a new lense to see through and stay centered in the power of Truth and Love. We will be able to accept people where they are and know that God is at work in all things.