Breathing in Sunlight

The first key to Light Body Word is to breathe in the Divine Light of the Sun - which is the true Life Power. When we consciously connect our breath to the light of the Sun, our whole body softens and begins to radiate light and love. Before you open your mouth to speak, breathe in the LIGHT of the SUN - breathe it into your heart center and see your whole body lit up like a beautiful bright star. In truth, the air you breathe is the magical sunlight fluid - the creative power that gives life to everything in existence including your words. This vital principle is called the Ruach in Hebrew, Prana in Sanskrit, Spirit in English, Spiritus in Latin, Pneuma in Greek, and many more names. It is the life giving principle - the Life Power of the Limitless Light. 

Consciously breathing sunlight into your heart center is the foundation for your Light Body Word. Your Light Body Word is the WORD which builds your Body of Light - breathing properly is the first step to activating your real power of word. Our breath determines the strength and projection of our word. Our breath is what gives our word its limitless creative power. Breathing in sunlight sets the stage for the next principle of Light Body Word which is to SEE and RECEIVE the person or people you are speaking to.