The Power of Woman

The time has come for Woman to look at her body and understand the link between the Divine and Womankind. The magnificent power of the female body to create, nurture and bring to fruition a new life from the seed of a man is astounding; profound to say the least.

To reflect on the power of the female body is to reflect on the Powers of Creation.

As Woman awakens to remember her deep connection to - and reflection of - the Creator, she will also awaken her power to heal the planet and call forth new life of the highest vibration.

Fertility Consciousness is the very consciousness that honors woman's innate wisdom and power to create new life within her body. Fertility consciousness brings a profound awareness to the act of conception and creation.

Each woman carries within her body the Mother. We all carry the Mother - men and women alike - however, a woman's body has the the capacity to grow and nurture new life within it and this makes woman a very special vehicle of the Divine.

All parts of a woman's body are extremely sacred; her reproductive organs, her breasts, her hands and eyes and heart - she is the reflection of God and must be honored and adored in her flesh for her radiant soul.

All functions of the female body are holy and sacred. Woman's monthly menstrual cycle is a celebration of creation and her menstrual blood holds great mysteries and wisdom. Her breast milk is like holy nectar from the bossom of the Divine Mother. Her heart is a well of compassion and healing and her magnetic aura a nest for rejuvenation, regeneration and expansion.

Woman allows the Forces of Nature to run through her and she soaks up the wisdom of the Cosmic as she does so.

What has been lost is the awareness of Womankind to understand the role that she plays on earth. We are now at a time when we desperately need to remember the power of the Feminine to heal and bring in a higher consciousness to the human race.

This remembering must start with women and be spread silently from woman to woman across the land and across all oceans to every corner of the earth.

Woman can do anything. She is strong. Her will emanates the Great Will. When she is aligned with her power she can create change and open the collective heart and soul of the human race.

This is the time of the awakening of the feminine; the awakening of the playful and loving, powerful and wise, compassionate and nurturing, allowing and ecstatic feminine.

Silently and with our focused will and love we call Her forth, to heal our world and open our hearts.