Awakening the Light Body: Balancing Intellect and Emotions

The Body of Light is the offspring of the marriage of soul and spirit. This marriage is also known as the interlocking of the upper heavenly (water) triangle and the lower earthly (fire) triangle. The water triangle symbolizes emotions and the heart, whereas the fire triangle symbolizes the mind of man. We can also think of this as the marriage of the feminine and masculine principles of the soul. The sacred symbol of this marriage is the Star of David.

To achieve the inner marriage we must first perfectly balance our emotions and our intellect so that we create a feeling intellect within our heart center. This is a new kind of brain which is able to know and feel the presence of the God in everyone and everything. This new brain has the capacity to create in a most magical way that is so far advanced that we can hardly even imagine the possibilities that lie before us as we evolve as a race of spiritual human beings.

One of the best ways to access the power of the Divine Will to assist us in mastery over our emotions and intellect is to breathe consciously. By placing our attention on our breath and learning to breathe correctly we automatically bring our mind and emotions into a different vibration of consciousness. The breath carries the Life Power also known as Prana or Ruach within it. By bringing the Life Power to conscious fruition within our body we can awaken the SEED of consciousness within us. This awakened Seed of Light brings the wisdom of the heart to fruition in our lives and causes us to live in a perpetual state of Grace.