The Life Power of Light Body Word

In order to create light, love and positive communication with our words we must first consciously connect to our breath. Our breath is the Life Power that gives birth to our words. In order to speak from truth we must breathe in a way that reflects our highest state of Being. Conscious breathing calls in the Spirit of Life to give birth to our words. When we breathe properly and consciously we align our will with the Divine Will. As the Divine Will takes over - through our surrender of the ego - we can have faith and hope in our ability to create good with our words, in communication with others and in our thoughts and deeds. 

Conscious breathing is a form of focusing our attention that allows the Life Power to flow through us to the place where it is most needed in our lives. It is hard to speak in an angry or irresponsible manner when we are breathing consciously. It is less likely that we will create negative karma with our words when we are breathing consciously. 

Conscious breathing is the first principle of Light Body Word. It is the foundation for all forms of conscious communication - It is the platform for our awakened WORD - the WORD which creates our Body of Light.