The human soul is split in half in the physical world; one half is the woman and the other half is the man. The reality is that there is only one man and one woman on the earth, split into billions of pieces.

The part of the soul which is the woman is the part of the soul which holds the Sublime Love within itself. The Woman is the half of the soul which was made to bring Love to the physical world and to uplift all of creation. It is Love and only Love that will bring the salvation of the world. The future belongs to Love. Woman is Love. The man brings light and wisdom through his mind and the woman brings warmth, truth and compassion through her heart. 

It is the destiny of every woman on the earth to find within herself the path to wholeness and to seek the internal marriage to her spirit. By this marriage Woman will awaken the Living Light on earth and become a door to the divine world. The internal marriage of the soul and spirit comes to the woman as she cultivates a very deep love and acceptance of herself and as she begins to understand her role and mission on the earth. When woman opens within herself purity of heart, humility and service, the Spirit comes to her and she becomes the living embodiment of Love Itself. There is no greater power than Love. Love accomplishes all things. Love is the foundation of everything. Love is the beginning of all things. As woman begins to unite all of her selves together into one reality and one love she will emanate a Truth and a Wisdom and she will inspire man with her purity. She will cause him to awaken his truest gifts and to become the Artist of his Life as he is destined to be. 

It is the woman who with her Love can abolish hate and violence on the earth. It is the woman who can mold the seed of the man and bring forth sublime souls from the divine world. No man can stand in the presence of a woman who has purity of heart and debase himself with wrong behavior. Woman has the power to inspire man with her Love and to lead him to real understanding -- the gnosis of the heart. 

The Sublime Love loves beyond the personality and lives in the truth of our interconnectedness. The Sublime Love heals and expands and brings goodness and light wherever it is felt.  It warms the soul and opens the heart.  

At this time all women must unite and know the truth -- that there is only ONE WOMAN. In doing so, Woman will connect to the spirit of the Mother and bring in the ONE LOVE -- the Love that will quench the thirsty souls and feed the hungry hearts of humanity.