The True Meaning of Marriage

The true meaning of marriage lies in the union of the soul and spirit; of Wisdom and Love; of Life and Light. This marriage has been referred to in all of the great spiritual traditions. It has been called the mystical marriage, the heavenly marriage, the alchemical marriage of soul and spirit and many more names. It is through the mystical marriage that the woman becomes one within, and becomes capable of giving like the sun. When a woman is one within herself, she becomes filled with light. She then comes to the union of marriage, with her partner in the physical world, ready to give rather than to take. 

The true marriage takes place within the inner sanctum of the heart. A woman can only, truly, join with her partner in the physical world, after she has joined with her own spirit. This is the goal of all women; to be a vessel for the heavenly fire of the Spirit. When the Spirit fertilizes a woman, her heart is awakened with the Sublime Love and she becomes the Mother -- the source of Life and Love.

A woman becomes very powerful in the world when she has activated the warmth and light of her spirit within her physical being. This power has a humble and silent quality to it and at the same time it can literally move mountains and rearrange the face of the earth. It can open hearts and uplift souls. When Woman marries her body and soul to her spirit, a child is born. Truth is the offspring, the fruit of this mystical marriage. Truth is the SUN -- the child of Wisdom and Love. Truth gives freedom, power, and infinite courage to act in the name of the Law of Love -- the greatest Law in Existence. 

Woman, in her body, is the natural magnetic polarity to Spirit. It is woman who anchors the spirit of the Divine into the physical world and then attracts the spirit of Man to join in the Union of the Soul to return to Infinite Love and Light. 

All souls are ONE. All women are one. All men are one. There is one great marriage taking place in one great heart. This marriage is the manifestation of the Divine Wisdom, the Divine Love and the Divine Truth in the world. It is the true inner marriage of the soul and spirit that will elevate the human race to carry out it's divine destiny in the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.