The Power of the Awakened Human Being

The Power of the Awakened Human Being

By Shannon Port

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2018 brings us into a period of deep reorganization of the elements and all forces are active. The pot is being stirred and we see the dark and light swirling in the alchemical dance of polarity integration. The waters of this soul storm can get pretty muddy at times and the forces are creating a magnitude of systems that are in need of our inner navigation skills.
Creativity is readily available to us with so much energy being stimulated from the unconscious realms. But we must remember that even creativity has a frequency. We can be magnetized creatively towards the light and wisdom of our higher intelligence or pulled towards a greater bondage to the illusion. The Awakened Human Being is always aware of the energy behind the mask of matter and chooses according to his or her own divine blueprint what to accept and what to interface with.
The key is being able to discern the manipulative forces and to disarm them with our inner vision. 
Much of what we are seeing in the world of entertainment and social media is a pull towards the lower frequency of materialism and addiction and a constant stimulation of the carnal desire force. Many things are masquerading as spiritual and creative when they are not really aligned with the true depth and substance of love. The soul longs to create, always. In its journey to express itself it can be seduced by the images of the animal appetites and lose conscious contact with inner truth and love. We see this happening in many of the dazzling images that are mirrored to us thousands of times per day, void of substance and connection to wisdom.  
Love is the only creative power. We become what we love and what we focus on – be it the light or dark. Desire is the magnetic force of the Goddess. Much of what we attach to energetically with our desires gives us an initial high or boost of energy, but then it pulls us down into the real energy of where it sources from. This is why we see so much depression, anxiety, low self-worth, self-doubt, and relationship discord. Many have lost touch with the things and experiences that have their foundation in the nurturing depths of truth and real power.
It is important to know that as we wake up and become in touch with our greater powers of discernment and vision, we are targeted energetically, which can test us to the core. 
The dark automatically seeks the light. The greater light we awaken the more we disturb the current plan of the inverted image of the soul. This makes us a magnet to interference. No worries - this can make us stronger and more powerful when we learn how to transmute and reverse the attacks and use their force for creativity. It must be said that this takes discipline and the Divine Will of the Soul. The Soul is like the ocean and has so much power. It can rise up to meet its Spirit and pull anything negative into its creative power to be regenerated and recycled for the Will-to-Good.  
Everything has a frequency. All substance and all matter is imprinted with a signature of its creative source and intention. 

There is a plan in play at this time to appeal to humanity with distorted ideas of creativity and sexuality. These distorted vibrations plant the seeds of vanity, narcissism and extreme pain and suffering in the heart. They lead to emptiness, isolation, inner chaos and the need to medicate. They attack real love connections and replace them with empty, shallow desires that lead to the breakdown of the heart. This can catch even an awakened soul off guard. Vigilance is required with every breath. 
There is a deliberate scrambling of the intelligent emotional streams of the soul. This is being done in a multitude of ways, including through technologies both known and unknown to us. Truth is being mixed with lies. In this way, the dark is able to hook good souls by pretending to base their agenda in heart values. Most of this is coming through ideas about creativity, beauty, gender, sexuality, and political activism.  Learn to discern the frequency of everything. The world of form is an illusion and much of what looks beautiful is sourced from a limiting pattern of bondage. This is truly a game and love and wisdom (which together equal power) are the only spiritual weapons we need to master our creative force and live in our sovereignty. As we live our sovereignty, we can better unify.
 The ability to discern the elements and images is one of the greatest powers of the awakened human being. 

At this time in history, it is a privilege and a responsibility to be awake and aware. Most of humanity is under the spell of a system that operates on deception and manipulation. As free will beings, we always have a choice on how to use our power. But at one time or another we are weak and sell out our power to those who would direct it for the use of negative control and degeneration.
Now is the time to truly embrace sovereignty and creativity. We are of the highest value to the awakening consciousness of humanity when we are aligned with the depths of our creative power.
This era is about claiming that power and directing it by the original Divine Template of the Soul and Spirit. When we claim our creative power, we become humbled and all the gifts of the Universe bow to us.
Taking note of these values and skills may be extremely helpful to navigate the coming alchemy on Planet Earth in 2018: 

Intuition: The ability to stay connected to the heart and feel the truth in all situations. The guidance of our own inner Presence. The one and only God-force within us. Leads us when we learn to trust with unshakable faith. The highest navigational power of Love.

Sovereignty: The understanding of our right to exist and our right to grow and learn in whatever way we desire without deliberately hurting or controlling others. The understanding that we each have supreme power to direct our own lives in accordance with the divine template of our soul. The understanding that all souls are sovereign beings. 
Beauty: To seek beauty in all that we do. This includes sexual beauty and purity. To align with harmony and to create that which elevates and uplifts the soul. To understand the give and take in life which creates harmonious balance in relationships. To know beauty, to feel beauty and to be beauty. Beauty in this world can be deceptive. True beauty radiates from within and joins the inner and the outer worlds. Beauty can take the form of emotions. The whole range of existence is beautiful when we know who we are.
Magnetism: To manifest what we desire by leaning to magnetize the elements to us through the power of our creative imagination. This cancels out all fear of lack. We are all creators and have the divine right to magnetize the elements for our creative works. When we understand and know our true creative power, we are far less open to manipulation, control or fear tactics. We can magnetize all that we need, now, in this moment through our creative imagination.
Vision: The ability of the divine dreamer to create what we see with our inner vision. To see the truth in all things. To create the truth as we go. To see the frequency in matter and reorganize it with our higher perception.
Intuitive Relationships: To place a high value on those relationships that we magnetize knowing that God/Goddess expresses Herself by mirroring with Herself. Relationships are the platform for learning, growing, loving and creating and developing our Intuition. They are sacred. If we are in challenging relationships all we need to do is see the lessons, embrace them and transmute them. The Universe will always bring us to the mirror that is most helpful to us now. There is a high alchemy that can and will take place in a Sacred Relationship when we are ready and prepared to do the alchemical work of merging in the heart.

The Word: The living expression of our God-Self. To use this power with complete wisdom and integrity is the highest creative expression of God/Goddess on Earth. It is the Sun of Life.
These are just a few of the traits and values of the Awakened Human Being. Meditate on them and choose those that resonate with you the most at this time. Intuition will open the way for all good. It is the highest power we can awaken.
With Creative Power, Intuition & Joy!
Shannon Port

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The Transformation of the World

The Transformation of the World

By Shannon Port

We have entered the period of the Great Shift in consciousness on Earth. If things appear to be chaotic it is because all is being sorted out at this time. The truth is rising to the surface and the frequency of every human heart is being revealed. Wherever we find ourself in our heart's evolution at the time of Saturn conjunct the Galactic Core in Sagittarius in late November 2017, will be our starting point in the next cycle of alchemy on this planet. Saturn at the heart of the Goddess will determine our collective and individual lessons and our physical reality as the vibration on the planet is rising and quickening to call forth a New Era. 

Saturn governs our life lessons and karma and determines what we birth into form. This force can work for us or against us depending on our alignment and our willingness to learn. Saturn at the Galactic Center is synching the frequency of the above and below. We have been given the tools to open our heart. We have been shown the way to treat others if we wish to live as gods and goddesses and carry the Divine Template forward into creation. Spiritual work and spiritual language means nothing if we continue to use our words and our power to hurt others, condemn others or judge others. This goes for hurting, condemning and judging ourself as well. There is an inner rage that continues to be a parasite on humanity. This rage can be transmuted by walking the healing path of honesty and love. We are allowed to be human and we are allowed to make mistakes; but the work remains the same; the rage that comes from the destructive human ego is nothing but a block to the spiritual wealth within. We must clear our rage, and that may mean releasing it through a series of events, but in the end, it must be taken care of and let go for good. Outrage at injustice is part of our healing and growth, and how we channel this energy determines our potential for healing the situation and calling forth Grace. 

When we speak of the divine Rage, we are talking about the force of the Holy Spirit. This is not an ego/personality motivated rage. This is the swift sweep of the lightening bolt of the Divine Mother that realigns what has fallen into the denial of life. Human beings are not privy to this power until we have cleared all personal motives and lust. 

Planetary Sexual Healing

During the coming months and all next year we are also being asked to take inventory of our sexual energy. With Jupiter in Scorpio in 2017 and 2018, the underbelly of human sexuality will be brought to the surface for the individual as well as the collective. Here we are asked to understand that our sexuality is the creative force of the Feminine, and we are encouraged honor that sacred part of our soul by connecting our sexuality to wisdom and love. In the coming year we will be asked to heal all sexual wounds to prepare our body and consciousness vehicle to hold greater amounts of Divine Love. 

We are already starting to see the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio on the world stage. This is only the beginning of the revelations of sexual abuse on our planet that is happening on a massive scale. We will purge it out now until we can accept the responsibility for this powerful force and learn how to use it with wisdom, love and discernment and respect for the divine sovereignty of all souls.

Our Personal Healing Journey

Personal healing is not optional during these times. We either decide to heal our relationship to our inner light and dark or we face the mirror of our own unchecked demons. All of us have been hurt deeply by the many unconscious cycles of our soul. We have deep wounds in our heart that can be transmuted into great power. Now is the time to face this beautiful challenge and know who we really are. Now is the time to love ourself and love our fellow human beings. Many human beings carry great darkness and have no desire to heal and come into a more harmonious relationship with humanity. Some of these souls will eventually face the truth of their actions and some will be provided the opportunity to go into greater darkness where the conflict will be worked out by the lightening tower of the Divine Mother. 

At some point in our journey we are asked to ascend the stairs of consciousness and operate from the next level. This means the decision to make an intention that is followed through with real adventure, disciplined action and effort and it might not be easy. We may bruise and scrape our knees, we may grunt, groan, cry and scream, but like a toddler making its way to the second level of the house for the first time, we do it because we must and we are driven to by our inner nature. We look back and see the lower level. We know that we are not going back down; we have a new level to explore. We turn to those who are still on the lower level with a smile. We'll be back after we have seen the new space; when we have news to report and we are sure that we can make the journey back up safely and with ease, helping others to awaken their courage to do the same.

The Temptations of the Time

The temptation at this time is to blame the dark forces for all of the chaos. The dark feeds where there is opportunity. Many have created the opportunity to host the dark through lifetimes of turning their back on love. All of us are accountable for our actions. It makes no difference who we are. We are all put to the scales to see how much love our heart has birthed. Each and every one of us has been to the lowest place in creation. We make our way back by learning how to love from a place of Wisdom and Power. Creation always supports us in our journey, even when it seems that we have been abandoned. This is Cosmic Law and cannot be broken. 

There has been a trend to say that the journey of Ascension is not all love and light. This can be very deceiving and those who take this message in deeply often times have not understood or experienced the real power of love. If they knew it, they would understand that Love is the only power and we are made of nothing but Light. To really get this, one must touch the inner Divine Love in the heart. This is the presence of Source, the Divine Spark within us. In this Presence, all else dissolves. The inner Christic Light shows us nothing but love and light and as we merge we are given the power to direct this powerful flame. From this place we are capable of addressing the horrific imbalances in the world without adding to them further with our own actions We hold the space of the new paradigm with unshakable faith. 

There are indeed a multitude of dark forces affecting us every step of the way. These forces exist within us, on the planet and from an interdimensional frequency. All of the ancient texts refer to these forces. They have always been present. Now, the time has come for them to be revealed to humanity. Nobody knows for certain how this will happen, but it is very important for us to stay connected to our heart, our family, and our inner guidance to know how to respond to all things that appear before us in the present moment. Faith, Hope and Love are the most valuable assets for us during these times. All of these will awaken the discernment of the heart. 

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is a reality. Although much is spread on the internet and social media about human love as meant to be messy and painful; the love of the Christic-force and the love of the Divine Mother is unconditional. We all have this seed within us and we are indeed, meant to birth it. The process may involve great pain and suffering as we temper the ways of the ego, but the feeling a mother has for her child is much the same as unconditional love for humanity. We are meant to arrive at this level of love in our love relationships. There are many teachings around this topic that will be revealed to the masses as the vibration rises on the planet. Most of humanity feels threatened at this time to even hear about the depth of love that is not being expressed. It triggers great fear and so the teachings are being kept for the time of our true awakening. Lust is so great in our world and it stomps out the platform in the human consciousness that is meant to hold Unconditional Love. When the human heart awakens fully, the ability to digest the Wisdom of Sophia will become a reality. 

Accountability: The Golden Key of Power

Act as if you are transparent at all times and this will keep you in true alignment with the coming Age. Many who consider themselves to be messengers of spiritual information and truth conduct themselves privately in ways that take from others. This is happening very frequently. All is seen in this world. If you have cleared the ego you will be shown the actions of human beings from the inner dimension. This is not always fun to see that many who would be allies are still working with great feelings of entitlement, competition and fear. Many from the same soul and soul group undermine each other behind closed doors. This is unfortunate for the work but it never goes unbalanced. All actions, especially those coming from souls who are here to hold light are held to the Law of Accountability. For in order to be a link in the great chain of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, one must be clear in the heart and in impeccable integrity. Until we reach this point, we are vulnerable to dark attacks from the weak link within our auric field. When we are accountable to our Spirit, we cannot be manipulated by any human being or dark force. Our true accountability is to our own Higher Self who knows the path of our highest destiny.  This Golden Key is available to all of us now. It's time to start living and connecting from the awakened heart; from this state, the wave of Divine Love flooding the planet will catch hold of us and lift us up together.

With Faith, Hope & Love for this Great Shift and Global Awakening,

Shannon Port

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This article is from Art of the Feminine Akashic Insight November 2017

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The Virgins of Light

Art: Goddess of Earth by Phungvulienphuong 

Art: Goddess of Earth by Phungvulienphuong 

The Virgins of Light

By Shannon Port

The Virgins of Light are an aspect of the Divine Feminine Consciousness on our planet and beyond. This consciousness works through both men and women. At this time we are preparing for major shifts in the world. Some of these shifts may prove to be difficult for the general population of the planet. There are forces of both the Light and the Dark that are active in the coming changes. At certain times during our evolutionary cycle we are destined to receive a light stream from the source of our physical world. This light pours forth from the Galactic Core, roughly 25,000 light-years away and makes its way into the earth's atmosphere through the solar plasma energy and the waves of fire-water, also known as the sunlight fluid that are penetrating the veil of illusion. This emanation from the core of our galaxy is the Wisdom of the Divine Mother, Pleroma, and her great central heart of creation. Together with the Sun, she is able to awaken the consciousness of humanity and raise our intelligence to meet the truth of who we are. 

The Virgins of Light are the purified hearts that are capable of digesting this light and mirroring it into the world. The light is magnetized to purity, compassion, and a mind and heart that have been brought into equilibrium; a vessel that is capable of holding a harmonious temple of alchemy for the Ascension Process. Not all souls are yet prepared to receive the frequency of this light. It is the light of Grace and can be felt as turbulent and violent for the consciousness that is still holding great amounts of ego identification or lost in the illusion of materialism and unbalanced sensuality. 

The goal of the light is not to harm anyone intentionally. It seeks those who hold a resonant field and heart so that it may be gradually received by the entire human race. It does however, intend to dissolve those energies that are not in alignment with the great Law of Life and Cosmic Sovereignty. 

The Inner Invisible Order of the Goddess

On the Inner Plane of consciousness exists an Order of the Divine Feminine Mysteries who are actively assisting those souls who are taking their initiations in Love. These initiations are the deepening of the capacity to hold space for the entire planet. This Inner Order of Sophia's Wisdom is part of the Primordial Soul of humanity. It is kept in sacred inner space until the race as a whole is ready to embody the wisdom of the Feminine Force and her creative capabilities throughout the cosmos. 

This order represents the purity of the High Priestess and the Mysteries of the Soul and Spirit. It holds the sacred book of the wisdom and alchemy of Christos Sophia. 

As we are now in the sign of Virgo immediately following the Great American Eclipse, these energies are very active and present in the world. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin and her powers to digest and extract the Solar Light and give birth to the Divine Child of Humanity. The sunlight fluid is intensifying and as a result the world is changing before our eyes. Some of this is positive, but much of it is the desperate attempts of the old ways to keep a hold on the collective soul energy of human beings. 

The ways of the Inner Order of Sophia's Wisdom are held in silence and they are not released into language in our world quite yet. The only way to access this wisdom is through the Temple of the Heart in deep stillness and meditation. Within the heart is a portal and Stargate that opens when one is ready to drop the ways of the denser matter that bind the human being to the animal nature of his or her soul. When the consciousness is refined to a certain degree the portal opens by the grace of the Divine Mother and we are given access to higher understanding of reality. 

Many souls are being prepared to enter their Inner Temple through the shifts that are taking place in their lives. These shifts include waking up to the power of love and the importance of our relationships. Human beings are designed to mirror with each other and our relationships are highly alchemical in nature. Our relationships teach us about ourself in great ways. In these labs of Spirit we temper our ego and open to the depths of Divine Love. We learn to be humble and yet we learn to access our deepest power. We are tested over and over again to attain the polarity integration needed for our higher understanding. Another way we can be initiated is through isolation. Here we are forced to see ourself in the mirror of our own mind and feel the pain of the longing for our real Self and the sacred union with Spirit.

Mastering the Emotional Body

Some of the deeper initiations come through our discernment of the Dark. The world is filled with chaos and seduction of emotions at this time. The way in which we run our emotional energy is one of the greatest keys to our inner power and entrance into the Mysteries. The events that took place with the Sun in Leo, including the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, the Lion's Gate Portal and the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, opened a major portal for us to heal our emotional body. For many, this meant unlocking all of the pent up emotions and letting them be seen. This is also happening in the collective field of consciousness. There are the obvious emotions and there are the more subtle emotions. The higher we go in our consciousness, the more we are asked to take responsibility for our subtle emotions. These are the ones used by the Dark. These are the houses of denial that keep us locked out of our Inner Temple. We hide behind feelings of envy, competition, self righteousness, passive aggressiveness and arrogance and fool ourselves about the consequences of these feelings. We need to feel them to heal them, but we cannot be fooled by them; they must be transmuted. 

Spirit knows when we are ready to do this work and it is not easy. Those seemingly little emotions are very powerful and it takes a deep humility to go through the process which dissolves their stain. Many souls are in this process and very close to victory. It takes great dedication but there is always a whisper in the heart to those who are meant to walk with the Lion in peace and reverence. 

Creating Inner Spaciousness

One of the greatest things our world and its inhabitants lacks right now is inner spaciousness. All things are governed by the fluid Law of Equilibrium. This means that there is always a dance between the polarities taking place and the greatest power and wisdom comes from the balancing of the poles. This balanced state creates the third principle and unlocks Trinity Consciousness. The third principle is the creative principle of the Divine Feminine. She is the birther and commander of all the elemental forces. In our world we see most of human consciousness holding only a fixation on the world of form. The five senses pull so greatly that our awareness is of the forms and shapes in the outer world and when we do enter the inner space we take our addictions and our obsessive and compulsive emotions with us. This prevents the true state of the inner dimension from revealing itself. It denies us from experiencing the divine human state of Sacred Union. 

We are asked at this time to discern the outer chaos and really be conscious of how we spend our time and our precious attention. Attention is a real force and it flows through us and activates whatever we focus on. If we are called to examine the Dark for our work, that is fine as long as we hold the presence of the inner dimension in our focus. That way we are not sucked in by the seductive pull of the lower elemental energies. If we allow them to make a home in our field they stay with us and manipulate us in very sneaky ways. 

We can cultivate the needed energies that open the heart by focusing equally on those thing that have great meaning in our lives. Our loved ones and our sacred relationships hold powerful codes to our inner self. Each moment is an opportunity to feel the presence of love. This experience is divine gold. It purifies the heart and makes it available to be fertilized by the Sun and the incoming waves of the Mother's divine sunlight fluid. 

Focusing our heart energies on our creative projects and talents with a purpose and an intention to heal and share love in the world is another incredibly powerful way to access the potential of the divine human and open the aspect of consciousness that is the Virgins of Light. She holds both the receptive and emissive energies of the Divine Feminine. She is our Truth. She is us and we are Her; the Bride of the Absolute. 

Now is the time to know who you are, know what your talents are, know why you are here and get busy! A focused soul is hard to pull off track and is a magnet to the Divine Flow of Life. 

In the Stillness and Creative Flow of the Virgins of Light!

With Huge Love, 
Shannon Port

This article is from Art of the Feminine Akashic Insight Newsletter, August 2017

Copyright © 2017 Shannon Port,