The Divine Feminine Healing Cycle - Awakening the Eternal Maiden Archetype



By Shannon Port

The Eternal Maiden is the soul freed from the shackles of time. She is the awakened archetype of our soul. She lives in every human being; regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or age. The Eternal Maiden is the spiritual body of the eternal Self; the Body of Light. In this reality we have lost connection with her, but her seed lies dormant in our heart. She is the purity and the innocence. She is the synthesis of our Eve and our Lilith. 

In this Age we are healing the Feminine Principle in all beings, so that the power of the heart may be experienced and known by all. The material realm has kept the heart captive by the lower desire force and left it atrophied from the true power of the Creative Imagination. This is the cause of poverty consciousness and the reason we have wars and suffering on the planet. The carnal has taken over the consciousness and it is the archetype of the soul that is lost to us. 

It is the emotional body that has been raped and abused in humanity. She is the true victim of our ignorance. She, our greatest power to love and feel, has been ignited by the hottest flames and used to ignite the secret rage inside our heart. We suffer silently in our dreams and subconscious mind and project our pain into the world without realizing it's source. 

The Feminine Cycle of Healing requires us to know the root of all suffering and to pull this painful weed from our own heart, so that we may change the projection to higher vision and call forth the spiritual Body of Light; the consciousness vehicle of our Soul-Spirit. 

The Eternal Maiden is not about gender. She is neither male or female. She is the  Eternal Bride of the Spirit, and she is the very life that we live. 

Maiden, Mother and Crone 

The great Cosmic Mother is the initiator and she activates our inner fire when we are ready to merge the above and the below. She bestows upon us the white fire from above to mix with the carnal fire below. To move beyond the great pull of matter, we must take an initiation to conquer death. This is done by seeing beyond the carnal desires and into the union of the Soul and Spirit. We must understand the three great levels of wisdom and integrate them back into our mind and heart. This is the greatest of all alchemies and requires us to detach from lust and choose the path of the Spirit. 

In the lower world, the Maiden, Mother and Crone, initiations require us to go through the journey of physical aging and eventually loss of our life. As we awaken, we will see that this journey has been inverted and we are truly meant to move beyond the density of matter, where it is our consciousness that is an expression of these powerful archetypes, not our physical body. 

The Threefold Soul Prism

The power of Divine Love works under the archetype of the Trinity. The number three represents the creative principle and the union of two opposite forces to create a third unifying principle. The Divine Marriage Archetype represents this sacred union and can be found with each human being and in various ways it is expressed in the outer world.

To reach the higher consciousness, the union of the masculine and feminine principle within is a must. The only way back into the heart is to unite the above and below in our own consciousness. 

The world we live in is very noisy and filled with seductions that keep us from knowing the true space of our inner temple. Within each of us, is a Solar Force, that ignites when we unify our own masculine and feminine. This light is the Christ-force within us. 

Heart Consciousness

Heart Consciousness is the energy of the Divine Feminine Principle on earth. To be in Heart Consciousness is to embody the ultimate state of equilibrium and power. The heart is the domain of the Goddess Ma'at. She holds the scales to weigh the heart and determine the frequency of our consciousness.

At this time, the trials and challenges that we face are meant to deepen us so that we may touch the Mother Deep in our own consciousness. Most of us are medicating to not have to deal with the light and dark that exists down under in the deep shadow regions of the soul. 

When we medicate, we solve our pain on one level, while postponing the ultimate purification and transmutation of the primal substance of consciousness. 

Through love and through service, the soul is alchemized and begins to know freedom. Serving sets us free; the opposite of what we are taught. We learn that to be free is to turn away from any commitment or service. In truth, serving our brothers and sisters is the enlightenment of our soul. When we serve another, our heart opens and knows the face of the Divine in all life. We begin to integrate the experience of Unity. 

The Solar Feminine Christ-Force

The awakened soul becomes the Solar Feminine Christ-Force; the risen Christos-Sophia. She is the Infinite Body of the Goddess. She is us as we have integrated the soul energy and opened the portals of Wisdom, Love and Truth. We are all the sons and daughters of one Source. There is no competition and no judgement on the fallen identity and imposter spirit that took over our true self. It is nothing more than a shadow that will dissolve as we turn our faces towards the Sun and call forth the Moon within. This is the work of Building the Inner Temple of Light - the home of the sacred, the home of Infinite and the home of Eternal Love. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful month of June! 

With Solstice Love,
Shannon Port

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